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Milky Way Halo-Halo Kit A, good for 6 servings (includes 1 half gallon Milky Way Ube Ice Cream)

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Product Description

The Milky Way Halo Halo Kit A, good for 6 servings (includes 1 half gal Ube Ice Cream)

Enjoy our famous and refreshing Milky Way Halo Halo in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, anytime! All ingredients are delivered in a reusable thermo bag to keep everything nice and chilly.

And so easy to prepare!

Just place 1 teaspoon of each of our homemade Halo Halo ingredients in the cups provided in the following order:

Red Gulaman

Green Gulaman

Sweet White Beans

Sweet Red Beans


Red Kaong

Sweet Saba Bananas

Ube (smear on the inside of the cup)

Leche Flan

Top with 2 scoops of Crushed Ice

2 tablespoons of Evaporated Milk

1 scoop of Milky Way Ube Ice Cream

1 teaspoon of toasted Pinipig

Then enjoy!

Inclusive of 6 cups and 6 sets of spoons and napkins

*1 half-gallon = 24 scoops

Thank you!